#FIENDS at Udel




Bas @ The University of Delaware 4/22

I was pretty upset that I had to miss this show, because I know for a fact that Udel is the SHIT. I’ve been there before and it’s always an absolute blast. Fucking awesome school, great people, and a lot of #FIENDS.

This was @Oakshades first time visiting and I’m guessing he had a great time because all I got were some fiended out text messages. Not sure how fucked up he was but this is what I received:


“The demographic of this school and show is fucking incredible”

“All races”

“All classes”

“Badddddddd Bitchessss”

“Ratchet White kids!!”

Then he left some crazy voicemail ranting about how awesome all the people are at Udel and how blown away he was by the diversity.

I know we joke around and get fucked up a lot, but at the core of this #FIENDS shit is inclusion for everyone. All races, beliefs, colors, whatever the fuck, we don’t care, everybody #FIENDS.

So you have to understand it’s some touching shit to see some many different people out there all coming together and fucking with us. We appreciate the shit out of it.

Check out some more photos:








Love that shit. Thanks Udel, we will certainly be back.

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The 2nd Annual Dollar & A Dream Tour | 5-Year Anniversary of The Warm Up

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.58.34 AM


The nature of my work has blessed me with the opportunities to see shows from artists all over the world. From their first gig ever to absolute Beyonce superstars.

In all my travels I have never felt the raw emotion, energy, and passion as the Dollar & A Dream tour last year. I really can’t explain it or articulate this any other way. It was simply one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a truly one of a kind experience that exemplifies the true relationship between the artist and the fans.

This is what Hip-Hop is supposed to be all about.

Do not miss this.

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Ghost Ride the Whip.

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Photo cred: @feltonamus

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The Entire Country of Spain Tried to Pull a Johnny Knoxville in “The Ringer”.


Spain’s Paralympic basketball team have been ordered to return their gold medals after nearly all of their players were found to have no disability. 

The Spanish Paralympic Committee said the medals would be handed back after an inquiry found that 10 of the 12-strong squad suffered no handicap. The scandal has already led to the resignation of Fernando Martin Vicente, vice-president of the committee and president of the Spanish Federation for Mentally Handicapped Sports.

Spain beat Russia 87-63 in the final of the intellectual disability tournament. There has been no confirmation of when the medals will be re-assigned.

The Sydney Games were Spain’s most successful Paralympics. The team won 107 medals and finished third in the medals table behind Australia and Great Britain.



Okay, I know I’m going straight to Hell for this one, but I absolutely can not stop laughing. Like I’m literally crying.

How DARE Spain try to pull a Johnny Knoxville in The Ringer.


If you don’t know about The Ringer, watch the trailer above. Basically, it’s hands down one of the most offensive and fucked up movies of all time. Johnny Knoxville owes money to some dude, so he pretends to be mentally challenged so he can enter the Special Olympics and try to fix the games by betting on himself. AKA literally the same plot as what you read above with the Spanish National team.

There are actually some decent and positive moments in the movie, but that does not make up for the fact that it’s literally the most disrespectful shit of all time. Mainly because, everyone knows you don’t go FULL RETARD.

Shout out to Simple Jack.

I just can’t believe these Spanish #FIENDS tried to pull this shit off for real. I still can’t stop laughing. Like, honestly, how dare they really do this? This is the most fiended plan ever. They REALLY went for this shit.

I need to know who the genius was behind this. Because, real talk, they actually pulled this shit off. They won the gold medal and blew out every country. Yea they have to give the gold medals back, but does that really matter? Everyone at the Sydney Paralympic games knows Spain won the gold. Whenever they strip someone of their title, do you ever know who the real winner is? Who has the gold now that Lance Armstong lost as his medals? No one fucking cares.

This story isn’t breaking news, but it is one of the most insane things I’ve ever read. I just can’t believe they faked being disabled. What the hell is wrong with them?

There are just so many #FIENDS out there.

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PS – The Ringer grossed $40 million at the box office. So I’m the real asshole here.

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1 Week | Last Winter | April 29

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.37.56 AM

New artwork from Last Winter

One more week. Just one more fucking week. Thank you for your patience #FIENDS. But it’s worth the wait.

Last Winter | April 29

2 Weeks Notice is now 1 Weeks Notice:

Last Winter | April 29

IMG_2198 IMG_2199

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Bas X #EveryDaypplNYC

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 12.05.31 PM

How could @FiendBassy not perform on the holiest of holy days: East…4/20?

Impromptu 420 performance at Everyday People party in NYC.

Shouts to @pbbt for the photo.

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Last Winter | April 29 | Golden Goals

Sup Fiends and Friends and Friends of Fiends,

I got good news and good news and a lil bit of fake bad news.

Let’s start with the fake bad news.

Last Winter. April 29th.

Now the good news (and reason for delay) is that on April 29th, Last Winter will be my very first project to be released commercially! Just the prospect of Last Winter on all the music discovery services along with the new fans I can reach is EXCITING AS FUCK.

If you starving my nigga don’t buy the shit (we’ll still get you lit) but for those who choose to support I can’t express my gratitude in writing. You’re just going to have to find me at a show and I’ll smoke you the fuck out.

I can’t put it into words but I’ll crush it up into lil pieces and put it into some Raw papers.

All jokes aside though, it’s going to be a dream come true when my parents walk into Best Buy (limited run) to buy my CD.


Not to mention when all you fiends tweet me your iTunes purchases and screenshots of Last Winter in your library. I can just visualize it already and I know I’m going to be smiling ear to ear. I wouldn’t be here without y’all and I cant wait to mob with you fiends thru this next phase of my career.

Shoutout to Dreamville/ Interscope for seeing our vision and, most importantly, committing the resources to give this project a proper release. Sample clearance alone would cost the Super Mookin Fiends probably all our combined mook money for like 3 years.

SOBER FOR 3 YEARS. That shit would suck.

Oh yea. More good news.

I got Golden Goals:

1 Love


PS: Wanted to leave you with an early treat. It’s 4 am in NYC right now. This shit is scheduled to post to the blog dumb early. I won’t be awake fiends. Nope. No shot. Try me like three – fo’ thirty.

PPS: Don’t I look warm though? REAL NIGGA


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Top 10 Dunks of 2013-2014 NBA Season

Finally this fucking season is over. One of the worst seasons in Knicks’ history which is pretty fucking terrible because we’ve had a bunch of shit seasons. Carmelo is gonna bounce unless Phil Jackson hits him with that ring voodoo. Shit is depressing. No shot that TRoss dunk was the best dunk of the season. That Blake over Kris Kardashian was not a dunk … that is a fucking layup.


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Happy 420 From The #FIENDS

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.45.17 AM

And Easter too. God forgive me.

- Super Mookin Fiends

Photo cred: Anthony Fiume of Creative + Connected

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Goddamn. Bringing the flame.

We’ll mook with you anytime.

Shouts to @DeliFreshfilms for the photo.

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Photo cred: Anthony Fiume of Creative + Connected

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