David Guetta Trippin Balls

Being an EDM DJ is definitely a cool job. You get paid tons of money. You get to travel the world. Also, doing drugs is basically part of your career. But sometimes you can probably do too many drugs and all of a sudden you find yourself in front of hundreds of thousands of people as deafening music blares and hoooooly shit whaaaaat is happening.

This is basically what happened to David Guetta at the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium over the weekend. About four minutes into his set he starts to look like a dog chained to a tree outside of a restaurant for too long. Then, as the livestream camera bores into his face, he stares dead straight ahead emotionless, as time perhaps comes to a screeching halt.





This is just too good. Because I know EXACTLY what that feeling is like and EXACTLY what is going through his mind at that moment.

Anyone that’s ever tripped out knows that face. That face when there is absolutely no soul behind your eyes. It happens to the best of us. I honestly commend David for holding it together. He has clearly flown past Saturn at this point, but he’s still up there doing his thing. That’s a true professional right there. I would never be able to keep it together like that. The last time I looked like that I was miles deep in a K-hole in Las Vegas, clutching myself in the fetal position on top of a dresser, trying to call my mom to pick me up from Jersey while @oakshades was trying to stop me and reading WebMD.

It’s just mad funny to me, because #FIENDS know that feeling so well. It’s awesome to see that a stud like Guetta goes through the same shit when he’s trippin balls. Plus honestly, a good video of a homie trippin gets me everytime.

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PS – This is how all of SMF gonna look at Oshega Music Festival In Montreal when Bas performs on Saturday.

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DMX Sounds Exactly How You Think He Would Sound Riding A Roller Coaster

This is just amazing.

Seriously, I feel like if you just put a beat on this video, you would have a legit song.

He really talks like that…FOR REAL.

Katt Williams nailed it perfectly in his standup about meeting DMX:


DMX still is, and will always be one of my favorite rappers of all time. He was the rapper that first really got me into hip-hop. Still to this day, I keep a record of Flesh of My Flesh framed in my bedroom. It’s definitely not a good look for chicks. Like I finally get them back to my crib and they see a framed DMX record in my room and you can immediately see it in their face like…what is this 26 year old fiend doing with little kid posters and shit up in his room…

But FUCK EM. DMX for life.

This video is fucking hilarious though and legitimately made my 2014 summer. Any fan will appreciate the shit out of this.

Thank you X.

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Last Winter Tour Toronto x Pregame With @FiendBassy + @Dreamville + @hustleGRL + @SMFiends



We fucking love Toronto and what better way to get this weekend started then by hitting NYC’s Canadian cousin for the Last Winter Tour.

Shit you already know the deal.

Bas on stage performing the shit out of a little bit of Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II and a bunch of Last Winter.

But we decided to make today a little special.



Our first ever Pregame before a show. Some of the Dreamville fam will be there. A few of the FIENDS will be there. HUSTLEGRL providing the music. Some fiend providing drinks … and prolly someother fiend providing mook.

Come fuck with us around 7pm and then mob to the show at 9.


PS. You know we brought that #FIENDS merch out to TDot for the low low.

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#FIENDS at @Osheaga


How fucking dope is this lineup?

Come find us mobbing on Friday.

Saturday Bas hits the stage at 6:05 PM then we’re hitting Cole’s set immediately afterwards.

Find us #FIENDS.


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Hollywood Fiend


“I don’t see you niggas I just see myself on some mirror shit”

Building blocks ’til the ceiling pops

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Yo @NFL What’s Really Good?


Last year I picked up Josh Gordon on my big money Fantasy Football team and real shit… dude is a fucking BOSS out there on the turf. Fast forward to the Championship Game of our league and my WRs put up no numbers and we lose by 30. Where was Josh Gordon? Suspended for testing positive for Codeine. Really let the squad down man. Fast forward to last week and Josh gets suspended for mook AGAIN. This time cooking Money Manziel and company EARLY in the year.

Rewind to earlier this past offseason where Ray Rice, RB for the Baltimore Ravens gets caught on security camera knocking out his wife and dragging her limp body out an elevator. Him and his wife get on TV and talk about what happened Fast forward to this past week where the NFL hands him a 2 game suspension.

I’ve been thinking bout this shit for a minute now. NFL players are allowed to drink alcohol in excess, they are allowed to get prescribed pain killers, say what you want but they pretty much are able to take an enhancement supplement on the face of the earth … but Weed? Nah you can’t smoke weed. Peep this excerpt from Mike Florio’s article about Josh Gordon’s suspension. He gives some insight into the whole process and this is the crux of Gordon’s appeal:

Urine samples routinely are split into two bottles, the “A” bottle and the “B” bottle. If the “A” bottle generates a positive result, the “B” bottle is tested. Amazingly, the “B” bottle doesn’t have to independently show a violation. Instead, the substance abuse policy states that the “‘B’ bottle Test need only show that the substance, revealed in the ‘A’ bottle Test, is evident to the ‘limits of detection’ to confirm the results of the ‘A’ bottle Test.”


For Gordon, the “A” bottle showed a concentration of 16 ng/ml, only one nanogram per milliliter above the limits of 15. The “B” bottle showed a concentration of 13.6 ng/ml — less than the threshold.

Just to make sure you got that. Two samples. A and B. You test A then you follow up with a test on B. A was 16 ng/ml and B as 13.6 ng/ml. So if B was A, Josh would be catching fly routes from Johnny Football. But it wasn’t.

You know what’s crazier? This mug Josh Gordon has passed 70 drug tests in the last year.


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.43.49 PM

THE WORLD ANTI-DOPING AGENCY ALLOWS FOR 150 NG/ML????? and we’re busting homies for 15 ng/ml? Come on man.



I’m not one to like OD comment on someone’s personal relationship with their girl but goddamn what the fuck man? Like I hope Ray Rice and his wife figured out what the fuck is wrong with their relationship but come on man. I can’t sit here while dudes are losing full years of their prime cause they got mooked and we got homies beating women’s faces in and suiting up for Game 3.

What kind of messaging is that for young meathead RBs all over the country? I don’t get it. Shit is fucked. What up NFL? It’s cool to beat up women but not get high and listen to Last Winter?




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Hurry Up and Buy! – 2014 Vine Edition


We’ve come a long way in this country when it comes to racism. Not saying there still isn’t a long way to go, but we have made progress. However, when it comes to racial profiling in some connivence stores and bodegas, it might as well be 1940 in that bitch.

It’s just hard to really show the world and especially white people what it’s like. But this young kid made a genius use of Vine and was able to capture himself being followed around the store by the clerks:

What a genius. Big fan of this. I feel like this was one of those moments in history that exposes this shit to white people. Like you know how white people had no idea about police brutality until Rodney King was captured on video? It’s like that but in 2014, and with Vine.

When you are white and have a lot of black friends like myself, there are some things you understand and some things you can never really understand. This is one of those things. My black friends would always complain about how degrading it feels to be followed around in stores. I never really understood that shit at all. I’m white, tall, dark, handsome, and I wear Polo. Motherfuckers love it when I come into their store.

Then @oakshades and I started going to this really nice market outside of one of our favorite mook spots. We would go there like 3-5 times a week mooked out of our minds and spend $50 minimum on junk food and never caused any trouble. But this asian chick treated us just like the “Hurry Up and Buy” chick from Don’t Be A Menace (It was more ridiculous than Menace II Society, so had to go with that one). Just always following us around, mean mugging us, and watching us like a hawk. This happened EVERY SINGLE TIME! Not once did we ever cause a problem. All we were guilty of was spending a hundred dollars on munchie food. Finally I had to say some shit like: “Bitch, we come in here mooked every week and spend $45 on fucking gummie bears. What the fuck do you want from us?”

Point of the story is, that shit kinda hurt my feelings! Real talk. It’s a very weird, frustrating, degrading feeling. It’s hard to explain, but I did not like that shit. So I can only imagine what that feels like multiple times, or even ALL the time in your life. That shit would drive me nuts.

So I’m not saying store owners can’t protect their store. Just be mindful of how you make people feel. Don’t be a dick because of race.

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PS – Love the store clerks in the Vines pretending to do shit lol! Look at them just touching shit!

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Lit | Official Video

Las Vegas is prolly the most fiended place in the world. And it’s ALWAYS Lit.

Went out there for Born Sinner Weekend/ my Fiend Day and let the camera run.

Make a movie out the b-roll.

Dreamville x SMF

It’s Lit.

- Bas

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Immigration Protest Live From Houston Texas

It’s 2014.

I can print myself a chain with a 3D printer.

We got Drones.

Taco Bell makes Doritos Tacos.


Yet somehow these fucks still exist and have equal rights as me and you.


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Hey @NBA, You Should Really Consider Hiring Jordan Brand (@Jumpman23) To Do Your Dunk Contests

Dunk contests just don’t get much better than this. At the Jordan Brand First To Fly Dunk Contest in Las Vegas on Friday night, a group of professional dunkers and class of 2015 stars put on an exhibition close to unlike any we’ve ever seen. And who had the most impressive slam of a field featuring Guy Dupuy, Kwame Alexander, Young Hollywood, Kwe Parker, and more? Little-known rising senior Shelby McEwen.

Alexander and Parker perform some of our favorite dunks in the video below, but it’s McEwen’s incredible slam from behind the free throw line that amazes most.


That was easily the best Dunk Contest I have ever seen (with respect to Vince Carter in 2000). Absolutely wild. I thought that was Ced Breeze playing 2K or some shit. And surprise, surprise, Jordan Brand is behind it.

I always see dunk contest videos online with the title “Best DUnk ConTest EVer???” Usually those shits are pretty dope. But the comments section is always filled with people saying “Let these dudes in the dunk contest!” or “This brand should plan the dunk contest”. The NBA is never going to let some half-ass, fake-ass, AND 1 knock off street hoops brand have anything to do with their Dunk Contest. But this is not that…this is Jordan Brand.

Why not NBA? Why not let a really cool brand like Jordan plan/host your dunk contest? Can you even imagine the excitement that would generate? An NBA Dunk Contest hosted by Jordan Brand? People would literally lose their shit! New merch, shoes, contest format. The hype alone would be enough to revitalize this whole competition. Not to mention since Jordan and Nike literally have 9,000 creative agencies working for them, they would 100% come up with awesome ideas for this. At the very least it has to be better than “The Wheel” travesty of 2002 or whatever the hell that freestyle shit was last year. It takes the pressure off the NBA that keeps failing at this, and puts it in the hands of a completely capable company that would excel at this. Best of all, it’s fucking ON BRAND. It’s Jordan! Betteer than the “Sprite” Dunk Contest or “AT&T” 3 Point  contest and shit. It wouldn’t even look like a sell out! This seems like a match made in heaven.

All I’m saying NBA is just think about it. Let the coolest hoops brand around save you.

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PS - When I went back to read this, I feel like I gave Ced Breeze way too much credit. It kinda sounds like I implied he is really that nice at 2K to be pulling moves off like this. I just was comparing the dunks to video game dunks. Ced I will fucking wash you at 2K.

PPS – Wash you.

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