These Days Tour – @abdashsoul x @Fiendbassy

Excited to get back out on the road.

#TDE x #DREAMVILLE coming to a town near you.


See ya’ll #FIENDS soon.



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Charles de Gaulle to JFK | Official Video via @FiendBassy

Charles De Gaulle To JFK

Last Winter

Shouts to Ron Gilmore on the production.

Shot in Paris by Andrew Nisinson and Matthew Chavez for Ramble West.


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The state of New York could legalize marijuana for recreational use as early as 2015.

State Sen. Liz Krueger (D) will reintroduce the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act during the next legislative session, which begins in January, her office confirmed to The Huffington Post on Monday.

“We’re definitely introducing the bill next session,” Brad Usher, Krueger’s chief of staff, told HuffPost. “We’ve received a variety of feedback since we first introduced it last December and we’re working on amending it, so we’re looking to see what we can learn from Colorado and Washington when we reintroduce it.”

Krueger’s bill would permit the opening of retail marijuana dispensaries, which would be regulated by the State Liquor Authority. The bill would establish an excise tax on all marijuana sales, and adults would legally be able to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and grow up to six marijuana plants at home for personal use. Krueger introduced a similar bill in 2013 that also aimed to legalize the possession, use and sale of limited amounts of recreational marijuana, but the bill never made it out of committee.

Usher said that many of the changes to the measure for reintroduction in 2015 relate to how the tax is structured, as well as clarifying who would be able to work in the state’s marijuana industry.

New York is not a referendum state, which means that if next year’s measure gets through the legislature and is signed into law, it will immediately go into effect and will not require a vote by New Yorkers. Colorado and Washington, both of which legalized recreational marijuana in 2012, did so through voter-approved ballot measures.






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NYC Homeless Dude Bags Chicks So He Can Sleep At Their Crib VS The Street

Lowkey … I’ve seen this dude.

He posts up down the street from Wave’s old crib.

Couple issues I have with this dude tho.

1. NO shot he’s making $150 a day.
2. NO shot dude has ever spent a NYC winter on the street.
3. NO shot dude is bagging three chicks a week.

That being said. Goddamn I fuck with this dude and I don’t at the same time. He’s def putting on a front but he’s also real as fuck. He’s also a huge douche but gave some good advice on bagging chicks and telling people to not try and live like him.

How salty is his mom right now? Not only did she throw her kid out of her crib for trapping drogas but there’s no shot that she didn’t get this video emailed to her by 100 of her friends.

FUCK being homeless in NYC tho. If I was homeless, I’d do everything and anything to get the fuck outta NYC. I honestly don’t even know how we allow homelessness in our society. I don’t understand why we don’t help our fellow humans out. Clean em up, feed em, help those who have mental issues.

If I was in charge of Murica, I’d build huge ass compounds in the middle of bumblefuck that woud serve as rehabilitation centers. We would educate homeless mugs and at the same time offer them jobs that paid them a low salary. They could do things like make license plates or answer the phone for big hotlines.

You know what’s crazy? They have compounds like that … they are just called prisons. And instead of them being positive and helpful, they just teach criminals how to be better at being criminals.


PS. Homelessness is one of the things I will tackle when I am a trillionaire.

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This shit is all fun and games though, until they do this to the wrong motherfucker and that poor dog takes 6 shots to the face.

This shit is absolutely hilarious though. I would have shit myself.

But forreal, anyone with a gun would have unloaded into that dog. This is obviously in Poland or some shit, you couldn’t bring that to NYC.

@Wave_Bandana / Blogs

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“Last Winter Rapper” 1 Down. @fiendbassy

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.04.31 AM


This last year, there have been some really cool moments we have been blessed to experience. But low-key, this was some shit right here. I couldn’t even believe it and I don’t know how the fuck this happend. Whoever makes the People magazine crossword puzzles is obviously cool as shit and a certified FIEND.

People magazine crossword puzzles fam?? Only the realest motherfuckers get a crossword puzzle. And it was the first spot too! You can’t even start this shit without Bas. Seth Rogan, you NEED US.

With that, cue the music:

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Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 1.11.33 PM

Wake up next to a FIEND this weekend…

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@FiendBassy Sits Down With @ComplexMag

Shouts to the Complex fam.


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Friday Fiend of the Week: Drug Smuggling D.A.R.E Stuffed Animal


One very clever man decided to hide his drugs where the police will never, ever find them.

The AP reports 22-year-old Gregory Bolongnese was caught near the Canadian border with a toy lion stuffed with weed, cocaine, and LSD. The suspect, a quick study in reverse psychology, attempted to throw the police off his trail by dressing the lion in a D.A.R.E. T-shirt.

Unfortunately for him, the ploy didn’t work: He was arrested in Plattsburgh, New York, on Monday and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana.

That D.A.R.E. shirt was … lion.


Honestly man, the fiends of this world never cease to amaze me.

Smuggling drugs into places is one of the oldest fiend games in the book. It’s a constant cat and mouse game we play with the law. While the Feds have certainly gotten better at shit over the years, fiends always try to stay one step ahead.

It’s absolutely amazing how fucking smart we can get when we need to sneak drugs into someplace. Dudes become straight Fiend MacGyvers out there. Little private school white girls literally turn into Columbian Drug Mules to get shit into Coachella and shit. I saw @oakshades sneak molly into a concert inside his belly button. His fucking belly button.

Another SMF member, made a fucking molly key chain:

photo 1-7

photo 2-7

Do you see that shit? A fucking molly keychain. Fucking incredible. We become true fiend geniuses. If only we could use this brain power to like cure cancer or end poverty.

But for this particular Friday Fiend of the Week, I thought that shit was hysterical. Smuggling drugs in a D.A.R.E stuffed animal. What an idea. I wish I could have seen into his brain when he made that decision and arrived at that logic.

It’s funny as shit, but I’ve been going back and forth on this though. I mean for one, he got fucking caught. So it wasn’t that good of an idea. I get the whole reverse-psychology  concept. I think that was genius. But the problem is, you are supposed to put the drugs where you LEAST expect it. While you would think that a D.A.R.E product would be that place, it’s kinda not. Even though it’s anti-drug, you still are thinking about drugs. The goal is for the Feds to see an item and not think drugs at all. @oakshades belly button does not make you think of drugs. A key chain does not make you think about drugs. But here, they are thinking about drugs when they see D.A.R.E. Also, being a mook head and wearing a D.A.R.E. T-shirt has become like that ironic white boy shit to do. So the feds get it.

So I have to say, I see where the problem was. But being a fiend is about pushing the boundaries. Successful or unsuccessful, lessons were learned.  And when you try to smuggle drugs across the Canadian boarder inside a fucking D.A.R.E stuffed animal, you my fiend, get FRIDAY FIEND OF THE WEEK.

@Wave_Bandana / Blogs

PS – I’ll never understand why you fiends try to sneak drugs into Canada…the fucking best drugs are already IN CANADA. Why are you bringing that boo across the boarder? Just get that shit there!

PPS – Same thing I don’t understand why boarder control goes so hard trying getting into Canada, but not coming out. The fucking drugs are IN CANADA. That’s why we are going. I’m not sneaking shit in.

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September 11, 2001

Around 1 or 2 am my mom woke me up. I was pretty out of it. My mom knew it was finna be the third day of High-School tomorrow. I was tired as fuck from football practice. What the fuck was she doing awaking me from the dream I was having about this fucking absolutely bad as fuck greek chick named Maria that I met the day before and who would be sitting next to me during first period in about 8 hours.

Derick come look at this. HURRY!

After a quick check to make sure I wasn’t mid 13 year old raging hard on, I hopped out of bed, woke up my little sister from the floor and went into my parent’s bedroom. My fiend pops was standing at the window and told us that the shit going on was crazy. We got to the window and there was an oil tanker on fire. I don’t even know if it was technically an oil tanker but that motherfucker was huge and had anywhere from 12 to 18 wheels so I’m calling that shit an oil tanker. It was pretty tweaked the fuck out man. I’m from a group of buildings called LeFrak City in Queens. My building is dead smack on the Long Island Expressway (this is 100% going to contribute to me having lung cancer in 10 years so hurry the fuck up @Science and figure out a cure for that bullshit please.)

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